HOPE Animation Trailers
Trailers for Noah's Ark (4.7MB), Pilgrim's Progress (7.7MB), A Christmas Journey (6.9MB) and a promotional trailer (1MB) featured on Australian TV.

Real Training Media
The official Real Training 2007 trailer (7MB) featured at a teaching exhibition in London and the introduction to the RAID Online training course (6.2MB).

The WOW Factor
This is a promotional video for 'The Wow Factor', a talent contest organised by our local church to reach out to the local community and schools (5.9MB)

The Truth 2006
Christian Union Activity, Outreach and Missionweek (Five days, up to 200 people at several events)
Watch the promotional video (10.2MB)

Project Management Presentation
As part of an assessed business presentation this video is a short simulation of the planning progress regarding a fictional log cabin building project (6.4MB)

Christian Union Promotional Video
The C3 Christian Union is a society with approximately 120 members that meets every week at the university chapel. Everybody is welcome! Watch video (5.3MB)

Electric Guitar Recordings
Here are a few electric guitar practice recordings: My first ever recording with the band Group Therapy, a guitar riff & solo and an 'atmospheric song experiment'

Muckiana Jones and the mask of doom
A film made during my time in school featuring my pets and cuddly toys. It's the heroic tale of guinea pig Mucki saving the world from an evil monkey. Watch trailer !
The Planet of Death (1997-1999)
An interactive science-fiction thriller
A computer game created to set the pedantic, egotistical human right in their meaningless lives. Based on one of my favourite Sci-Fi Books, this game was designed and programmed using Power Basic and eventually sold to my friends at school.
A mix of adventure, jump&run, action and mystery. Read the whole story in the offical game handbook !